And it begins….


With movies like Star Trek and Mission Impossible 3 on his resume, J.J. Abrams seems like the ideal director to hand a beloved franchise to.

However, this video has made me wonder just how much of Abrams’ own storytelling sensibilities are going to make it onto the screen and whether they’ll completely alter the new sequels into something that is worth viewing but unrecognizable.

Oh well, at least there’s no way he’d be able to introduce an element to the film as irritating as Jar Jar Binks….r-right guys?

I thought I was too old to get excited about a movie starring giant robots.  I was wrong.

Haven’t played it, but seems to be right up my alley.

Don’t ask why, just scroll down.

It’s probably not that great, but c’mon, it’s free. Give your local comic shop a visit once in a while, will you? At this point you’re probably going to find a cobweb enshrouded skeleton sitting behind the front counter.

I guess Disney is pretty eager to make those $4 billion dollars back.


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